Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flapper Headband - $6.50

I love the old time, classic look of these headbands. I have had my eye on these for quite some time, but they would cost me 12 plus dollars at the store. So, I finally got smart enough to check one out closely while I was at the store, and the secret was felt! Who knew?

I will be selling these, but I figured I would give anyone who reads this some instructions on how to make their own, if they feel so inclined!

What you need:

- Headband ... I bought mine for a dollar at Walmart.
- Black Felt ... two medium sized circles (make sure the circles are the same size).
- Black Feathers ... any craft store carries these.
- Embellishment (optional)
- Hot glue.

Instructions (sorry no pictures, I will remember to take some next time):

- Glue one circle of felt to the inside of the headband a little past halfway (or wherever you want your feathers to be).
- Glue the other circle of felt to the top of the headband, directly on top of the first piece of felt.
- Start by gluing the feathers to the middle of the felt, and then glue to the sides,bending the feathers so that they swoop up towards the center.
- Feathers should be facing upwards.
- Fill it in completely, you don't want any felt showing.
- Add embellishment to the bottom center of the feathers.
- Wear with pride!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art - $15.00

The clothes pins are a great and easy way to display the masterpieces made by the little artists in your life! I can make any color combination, and would love to make it all yours with some fun embellishments, whatever you can dream of!

Wall Art for Your Little Guy/Gal's Room! $12.00 - $15.00

All of these hand paintings were inspired by Pottery Barn bedroom collections! The paintings are done on a wooden plaque. I can do any combination of colors, just send me a pic of your little ones room and we can customize some plaques just for them!

Also available as bow holders for the ladies, and hat hangers for the men :)! Just add $2!

Silk Flower Clips - $5.50 - $7.00

Super easy to make...which is always a requirement for my projects! Just need some synthetic fabric (I like silky), hot glue, rhinestone, hair clip or headband, and a lighter! Success!

Woven Headbands - $6.00

I can't figure out how to turn the pictures around, they aren't crooked in my photo file?! These are a favorite! They look great all by themselves or paired with a bows! It is a piece of cake to stick the single pronged bows through the weave, so mixing and matching is a breeze!

Felt Flower Clips - $5.50 - $7.00

I love these flowers, they are so versatile, made for all ages. My little 18 month old and I can share hair accessories! They can be made on a clip to sweep that hair back, or put on a headband! Sweet and Sassy ... Love Them! All you need is a piece of felt (29 cents at Joannes), hot glue, rhinestone, clip, or headband!

Classic Bow - $3.50 - $4.50

These classic bows are just that ... classic. I love to use these to sweet that hair out of my little girls face.

Gerbers - Large or Small - $4.50 - $5.00

I love that flowers are stylin right now! I especially love the really BIG ones!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mini Clippies (set of 2) - $3.00

These little wonders are so easy, so simple, so perfectly perfect! All you need is five min., less then a yard of ribbon, hot glue, and clips!

Small, Medium, and Large Bows - $4.00 - $5.00

Small (1.5 in. diameter)
Medium (2 in. diameter)
Large 3 in diameter

These bows are fun to make, although I am a little sick of making them for the Farmer's Market. They look best on headbands!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mini Flower Clippies (set of 2) - $4.00

Princess Bows - $5.00

What little princess wouldn't love these? Your little girl will be excited to get her hair done when the end result includes one of these!